Congratulations to all the STEAM Fair participants!

And the Winners for the

2018 Don Callejon STEAM Fair are...

4th Grade

1st place - Lizzy Chu & Sienna Spencer (Eggsperiment)

2nd place - Vatsal Srivastava (Lead Contamination in Soil)

3rd place - Bia Braga, Alyssa Celi & Shazneen Wadud (How we perceive light & colors)

Honorable mentions

  • Sophia Lin & Ella Seng (Which detergent attracts the most DNA from strawberries?)
  • Andrew Lin (Buoyancy)
  • Aru Dwivedi (How to grow large crystals)
  • Saige Sefcik & Simone Verma (How would plants react to growing upside down?)
  • Braxton Chang & Aakash Shakya (The Power of Steam)

5th Grade

1st place - Nikhil Ghosh (Wolves, Wolves Where are You?)

2nd place - Laasya Pandravada & Aditi Gupta (Does Hot Water Freeze Faster than Cold Water?)

3rd place - Aadhvikha Koundiya (The Mysterious Bend)

Honorable mentions

  • Ashlynn Tran & Zena Saleh (What's Your Favorite Scent?)
  • Aristotle Valdellon (Controlling Microbial Growth)
  • Sharvil Kulkarni (Instant Ice)
  • Timothy Stanton (How does the shape of a rocket's fin affect the way it flies?)

6th Grade Science Experiment

1st place - Soham Kulkarni

2nd place -Ashika Sugali

3rd place - Lyubov Filimonova

6th Grade Engineering

1st place - Ayush Dasgupta

2nd place - Aakash Vetcha

3rd place - Lyubov Filimonova

7th Grade Science Experiment

1st place - Jennifer Trinh

2nd place - Lissette Dominguez

3rd place- Jocelyn Jimenez

7th Grade Engineering

1st place - Oliver Iverson

2nd place - Anaya Kendall

3rd place - Navneeth Krishna

8th Grade Science Experiment

1st place - Kaelyn Bascos & Sierra Yang

2nd place - Leila Hidalgo

3rd place - Ethan Notario

8th Grade Engineering

1st place - Christian Ricardez & Joseph Holguin

2nd place - Arnav Dayal

3rd place - Otso Karali, Humberto Montero & Sean Luke Holscher