Sign-up for our 2023 Events!!

  • Candy-grams: Please sign up if you can spare 45mins one lunchtime this week (2/6-2/10) to supervise students selling Valentine Candy-grams.

  • Spring Fling is back for 2023 and DCSCO needs help organizing this fun event! Please sign up if you would like to be part of the donor/sponsorship committee

  • Bingo Night will be on March 24th, and DCSCO is looking for a couple of parent volunteers to lead the planning for this event. Please sign-up!

Volunteer Process


Most opportunities have links to register or you can reach out to board@dcsco.org. How do you want to volunteer? Tell us here: Volunteer Form.

To volunteer on campus or attend field trips, you need to be approved by the school.

All volunteers must

In addition new volunteers must

  • Attend a training

Upcoming & Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Teacher Luncheons

Staff Appreciation Luncheons are held 3 or 4 times per year and we are always looking for volunteers to help with ordering food, decorating the staff room and making sure staff feel appreciated.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration is an easy way to help out DCSCO while working on your schedule. It's easy, pick up forms from a DCSCO rep, enter the info into a google spreadsheet and return the forms! Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 2 hours
  • Schedule: anytime over a two week period

Family Restaurant Night

Help create meaningful events that help raise money and create a school community. We need one or more parents to set up family restaurant nights at local places to eat. Our wonderful volunteers have already done the research, you just have to pick a date, fill out an online form, call to confirm, copy the flyer, and arrange check delivery. Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 1.0 hour per restaurant night
  • Schedule: Up to you!

One time On-site Helper

We’ll need lots of one-time help over the school year. The front office often asks for volunteers to drop in to help with volunteer badges, health screenings, picture day and more. Come out and meet other parents while making a big difference at these small events.Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 2.0 hour per activity (less if more people help out)
  • Schedule: During the school day, We’ll know the date 1-2 weeks in advance.

Planning Committee

Are you interested in learning more about the behind the scenes on Walk-a-thon or Spring Fling? Would you like to get to know more about DCSCO, the school staff, and our mission? Join our planning committee! Tasks includes deciding what to include for our big events, coordinating with vendors, organizing supplies, and working with teachers. Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 6.0+ hour per activity (less if more people help out)
  • Schedule: We’ll set up meetings as needed, working with the group to find a good time.

Other Off-site Helper

As things come up, we often have individual tasks that work great for people who want to work from home. We’ll need help emailing sponsors for events, coordinating donations for spring fling, confirming with vendors and more. Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 2.0 hour per activity (less if more people help out)
  • Schedule: Anytime over a two week period

Spring Fling

Spring Fling keeps getting bigger and better. We need lots of parents to help out on the day: selling tickets, supervising games, set up, clean up, and more. Every family should try to have at least one volunteer on the day! Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 3.0 hours
  • Schedule: May 2023 (date TBD)

Past Volunteer Opportunities

Family Fun Nights

Do you love movie Nights? We are expanding our fun community nights (and fundraisers). This school year we are looking at Bingo night and an elementary family dance, in addition to our classic movie night. We need 2-3 volunteers to help select the movie, pick up the pizzas, snacks, & prizes, and supervisor the middle school students on concessions. Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 3.0 hour per family night

Art in Action

Art in Action is a new program for grades 1-7 at DCS. Online training and supplies are provided. We'll have an optional kick off meeting in September. Email volunteer@dcsco.org

  • Estimated time: 2-3 hours per month (plus optional training session)
  • Schedule: Once a month. You can work with your classroom teacher to find what works for you both.

Walk a Thon

October 2022. Walk a Thon is community building event that the whole school participates in. We'll need lots of volunteers. Email volunteer@dcsco.org