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Art In Action

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Our Art in Action program is back! We have a dedicated art room E10. All the supplies can be found in the classroom and teachers can bring their class to the room for the project. Just make sure you leave the room nicer than you found it.

Project specific information like training videos, templates, and student examples are available through the Art in Action website. Please contact the Art In Action coordinator via for details of how to log in and for access to google slides created by DCS parent volunteers.

Paper & Art Supplies

Each classroom has one box of paper supplies in the art room. A project set has two bags stapled together - one big with paper supplies for each project for 24 kids, and one small with extra supplies for 6 more kids. Paper sets are in the boxes marked by teacher. Art supplies like paints, pastels, and brushes should be available in the art room. If supplies are running out - email to purchase more.

Leading a Lesson

This year teachers can decide to teach the projects themselves or ask for parent volunteers to join virtually. For example, a teacher can set up the supplies and the parent volunteer can join on a google meet and walk the kids through the project. Virtual art was successful last year but we may need assistance with materials in the classroom. Hopefully, we can have parents in the classroom later in the school year. The website has all the information you need to get started and videos to help you with the lessons. Art in Action holds grade specific trainings over Zoom and can be found on the website It is free to attend.

More Info

We have a goal of one lesson per month. The lessons do not have to be done in order. In the Art Room there is extra sketch paper or materials to make sketch books. The sketch books are not required but fun for the kids to have.

Note: Please dry all supplies before storing. Storing wet sponges, brushes and watercolors can grow mold and ruin the supplies. Once a lesson is complete you can display the art in the classroom, or send it home with the students.

Thanks for making art happen in the classroom. Please reach out to if you have questions or need help.