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What we do

What we do

Take a look at some of the programs sponsored by DCSCO:

Lunchtime Sports

Did you know that DCSCO funds $40,000 per year towards sports programs at lunch recess for DCS students? Coaches come to campus and teach sportsmanship, Leadership, and more during 1st-8th grade recess.

Art In Action

Now in our second year, DCSCO is funding $10,000 towards the Art in Action program for Grades 1-7 and all the needed supplies and training. Through this curriculum, students learn about works of art from cultures around the world, and how to express themselves by creating their own masterpieces. This flexible program can be taught either by the classroom teacher or by trained parent docents. Contact your child’s teacher if you would like to volunteer. See our volunteer resource here. Stay tuned for more information on student art showings and displays.

Music Program

Students in K-2 will have weekly visits from a qualified fully trained music teacher to lead music classes. These will include singing, fundamental music skills, child appropriate instruments and all tying into the K-2 overall curriculum.

Scholastic News Subscriptions

Scholastic News brings social studies to life through current events, historical context, and features articles. DCSCO pays for this weekly periodical to be delivered to each student K-8 during the school year. The teachers requested this item and DCSCO stepped in. The budget is over $8,000 for the entire school and every student gets to take home their own subscription.

Manage After School Programs

Does your child love the lego class, Mad Science, Mandarin, or the many after school sports options? DCSCO makes sure these program are available for DCS students. We also offer gift cards to teachers as a thank you for volunteering their classrooms for this program.

Assemblies and Author Visits

Since 2021-2022, DCSCO is bringing a variety of assemblies to campus including STEAM, Wildlife, sport themes and more.

Teacher Wish Lists

Each year teachers have the chance to submit a wish list for DCSCO to fund. Some of the things funded this year are books for reading groups, classroom supplies, and more. Last year they purchased notebooks for all 7th grade students for English and Science classes, and a BrianPOP subscription for a middle school class. Each teacher can request $200. We also donate on and fund innovative projects. DCSCO also funds mini-grants and passion projects for the teachers. We've paid for art conferences, expanded reading books for 1st grade, expanded classroom, storage, alternative seating, and more!

Murals and Campus Development

Have you seen the colorful new murals on campus by Paul Gonzalez? These were added in 2018-2019 and have really brightened up the campus. We are always working to improve campus inside and out!

Staff Appreciation

Each year DCSCO treats the staff to several luncheons to show how much the community cares. Each teacher also receives a gift of a school sweatshirt/tshirt for appreciation and school spirit.

Field Trip Subsidy

DCSCO helps fund the gap to make sure all students can attend a field trip with their class.


Annual events like Spring Fling, the Walk-a-Thon, Dances, Movie Nights and more bring us together as a community and help us raise money to continue to add to the school for all students.

And More

PBIS Reward Assemblies

Library Books/Supplies

Safety Patrol

Sports Teams

Whenever the school needs something, they turn to DCSCO to help fund!